Brick stitch workshop and drop in sessions.


Bead Creative is passionate about providing a space to allow others to have a place to go to allow for some personal mindfulness time. Bead weaving (sewing together small beads) is perfect for this as it’s not tricky but does require focus and concentration.

Learn how to create beaded designs using a technique called brick stitch. The designs you make can then be attached to a chain to create a necklace or bracelet or could be attached to a bookmark if you prefer.

The first session will be £10 which covers the materials and then pay as you go (£5 a session) for each drop in day you attend.

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How it works.

Pay your £10 and come along to a drop in session where I will get you started.

The first session will be learning and practising the stitches required to create brick stitch. We can then look at your design where you can either choose from a pattern I already have or create your own using a special design sheet.

Work on your project at home or come along to the drop in sessions. If you want to turn your design into a necklace/bracelet/bookmark you will need to attend a drop in session where we can finish off your project together.

Drop in session dates; (there is a chance that these may change so please keep an eye on the facebook page for updates )

  • Weds 5th February 1pm – 2.30pm,
  • Thurs 6th February 10am – 11.30am
  • Weds 12th February 1pm – 2.30pm,
  • Weds 26th February 1pm – 2.30pm,
  • Thurs 5th March 10am – 11.30am,
  • Weds 11th March 1pm – 2.30pm
  • Thurs 19th March 10am – 11.30am
  • Weds 25th March 1pm – 2.30pm