Children’s Party Options

The following options are a guide of what may work best but feel free to mix and match to suit.  Additional children are £5 each View Gallery

1 Hour parties – £120 for up to 8 children

These parties are suitable for all ages and especially so for younger children. Children can make up to two items. Recommend either a memory wire bracelet or necklace and a simple key chain or bookmark.

1.5 Hour parties – £140 for up to 8 children

Suitable for all ages. Children can make up to 3 items depending on choice. This could include bracelet, necklace and simple key chain or bookmark, or a bracelet or necklace and a more complex key chain.

2 Hour parties – £160 for up to 8 children

These parties are especially suitable for older children (8 yrs and above) who would like to make a bracelet using a bead weaving technique, a daisy chain bracelet/anklet or wire wrapped headband.  This will most likely take up the whole 2 hours but if there is time over they can also make a quick bookmark, necklace or single wrap bracelet. Alternatively they could make a bracelet, necklace, bookmark and ring.

Finishing off jewellery does take a little time so, with extra children, you may need to entertain them for a little longer to allow me to complete their masterpieces. I will, of course, stay until they are finished.

Memory wire bracelets

Memory wire necklace

Bead woven bracelets, without using needles and daisy chain bracelet/anklet. Both suitable for older children and a 2hr party (8+)


Key Chains


Bookmarks and rings


Hair clips


Wire wrapped headbands – suitable for older children as this would be using wire to fix beads onto a plain headband.